Illustrator Shortcuts To Increase Productivity

Yes, there are a lot more keyboard shortcuts other than ctrl + c and ctrl + v. Improve your graphic design speed and productivity with these common shortcuts! Scroll to the bottom for downloadable cheatsheet.


Key Action
t text
m rectangle
shift + m shape builder
g gradient
space(hold) move
z zoom (alt to zoom out)
shift + o artboard
i eye dropper
b brush
l ellipse

Document Manipulation

Key Action
cmd+2 lock artwork
cmd + option/alt + 2 unlock all
alt/option + drag duplicate
scale proportionally shift + drag bounding
ctrl + shift + h show/hide artboards
ctrl + y outline mode
ctrl + r ruler
ctrl + a select all
arrow key move selection up/down/left/right
shift + click add to selection


Key Action
ctrl + shift + </> decrease/increase type size
alt + left/right adjust the kerning
Alt + Shift + Up or Down adjust baseline
ctrl+shift+l/c/r align text to left/center/right
ctrl + shift + J justify except last line
ctrl + shift + F justify include last line
shift+ ctrl + o create outline
alt + G copyright
alt + R registered
alt + 2 tm
Shift + Ctrl + = superscript
alt + Shift + Ctrl + = subscript


Key Action
ctrl + s save
ctrl+shift +alt+ s save for web
alt + ctrl + e export for screens
x toggle fill and stroke
f change screen mode
ctrl z undo
shiftctrl z redo

Download Pdf Cheatsheet


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