7+ Amazing Free Illustrator Script

Illustrator scripting extends the functionality and makes it more robust than ever! With the help of the scripts, repetitive and time-consuming design task can be automated. Here are 7 (and more) free scripts that I’ve collected.

Installing Scripts

To install scripts, navigate to the script folder in the illustrator directory and paste the .jsx files.

Script folder in Windows:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC 2017\Presets\en_US\Scripts

Script folder in Mac

Applications/Adobe Illustrator/Presets/en_US/Scripts

Restart Adobe Illustrator if it is running. That’s all!

Crop by Carlos

“How to crop image in Illustrator” finally gets its answer. This script cuts an imported image to a specific region without a mask!

Crop image in Illustrator

Illustrator Scripts by Hiroyuki Sato


metaball-arc combines basic shapes and creates metaball-like/blob-like shape. Simply drag and select a few circles and run the scripts!

Adobe Illustrator Scripts by Sergey Osokin


Instead of modifying a solid fill to gradient fill manually, this script can be used to convert solid colors into matching gradient. Great thing is, you can even key in the gradient shift and angle that you like!

Convert flat color to gradient

Stroke Color From Fill

Tired of creating strokes for every object? This scripts automatically create strokes that matches the objects’ fill colour.

Create stroke from object’s color

JS4AI by Johnwun


Finding the closest Pantone color has made easy with this script. CMYKTOPMS finds the closest shades of a CMYK color in Pantone Matching System.

Finding the closest Pantone color

Specify by adamehaven

Display the width and length of your object automatically with Specify. Lifesaver for graphic designers who are creating brand guides!

Creating dimension measurements in seconds

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