8 steps to make a phone case mockup with Photoshop

Mockups are powerful tools when it comes to design presentation. Showcasing your design product using a mockup will always give an extra boost to your Print on Demand, design assets, e-commerce, etc. business. Here are 8 straight-to-the point steps to create your own mockup.

1. Get your base image

Download a stock image from pexels.com for free or whichever stock image website. Alternatively, you can create your own 3D model for mockup.

2. Draw a rectangle

Using the marquee tool (Ctrl + m) and paint bucket (k), draw a rectangle.

3. Set the rectangle layer as smart object

Right-click on the rectangle layer that you’ve created, then select “Convert to Smart Object”.

4. Warp the rectangle to fit the phone case

Select the rectangle area and trigger free transform (Ctrl + T). Warp/skew the triangle by dragging the resize box handle while pressing the alt key.

5. Create a mask

Using the pen or magnetic lasso tool, trace the area that should be replaced. Next, click on the masking button at the bottom of the layer tab.

6. Place your image into the smart object

Double-click the thumbnail of the smart object that was created earlier. Place your image into the pop up window.

7. Create shadows

To make the mockup more realistic, we need to blend our image into the stock image. To do this, draw a gradient (G) in a new layer. Reduce the layer opacity.

Don’t forget to apply the mask on the blending layer! You can do this by dragging the previous layer mask on to the blending layer while pressing Alt key.

8. Done

There you have it! You got your own phone case mockup.

Feeling lazy to do it yourself?

You can download the psd template here. Feel free to use it and don’t forget to leave a like/comment to tell me what you think about this short tutorial.

Alternatively, you can also skip the hassle by doing mockup online using Smartmockups .


Here’s 10+ phone case mockups that I had collected across the Internet!


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